The Roll Up is closing its doors.

Well, folks, it's been a great run, but The Roll Up will be closing its doors at the end of December.

For the record, The Roll Up bike shop & art space has gone through a lot to serve as a nice gem in the heart of Fruitvale.

The Roll Up was built on a strong foundation of DIY ethics, multiple incomes, and a hefty serving of Thomas the Tank Engine “I think I can” mentality. In the beginning, there were a lot of great events thrown on Fridays and Saturdays, and yet the shop would still open up on Sundays to sell 2nd hand goods, art, and bikes. It was a second job for me, and made for 7 day a week time commitment. After a couple years, this became problematic and I quit my corporate job, narrowed the focus onto bicycles, and ventured into the psychotic realm of a small business owner. I filed for a business license and started paying taxes. (A lot of taxes.)

As the owner, I have seen the shop grow from the ground up in the past 5 years. After an unconventional start as a multi-use art space, I converted it to a retail bike shop in an area with very few retail shoppers. Over the years I have watched it go through the various stages of a “brick and mortar” business, all while paying out the nose to the city, state, and federal government.

To pay the bills, I tried many angles to keep cash flow coming in the door, enlisted in as many guerrilla marketing techniques as legally possible, utilized social media, encouraged word of mouth, created promotional strategies, provided free tune ups at local events, and teamed up with as many local organizations to build a network and support bicycling culture in every way possible. It was easy to get out and be part of the bicycling community – the hard part

It has been extremely tough to make this “small” business profitable enough to keep on chugging along. Built from scratch, with no investors and no loans, I created a “fun place to work”. But as a fellow small business owner once told me, the next logical step would have been to create a place that “worked for me”. In the end, I was able to realize that was impossible in the current commercial location.

I have made the gradual move to New York over the past two years and have sought out new opportunities in life. During this time I have been able to remove myself from the situation and see the business for what it was. From the outside, I was able to compare the expenses vs. the income, and it quickly became clear that the profit margin was so slim it was an uphill battle. I also tried to find someone to manage and eventually own The Roll Up. But as it turns out, it takes a very unique and talented individual with the right incentives to run a business in a light industrial / low income area.

All business aside, it has always been a pleasure to bring something new to East Oakland, and contribute to the arts and bicycling community. It never got boring to help someone out who was dead broke but absolutely needed his or her bicycle for transportation. It was always nice to teach someone, especially the eager youth, about bicycles and to fuel his or her passion. It always made me happy to hear someone compliment the shop on its d├ęcor, its quality work and its dedication to the community. It was very cool to be part of an edgy, dirty, scene and to add to it.

It would have been impossible without the help of neighbors and our community. Many thanks to all volunteers, employees and interns that helped make it possible. All allies, friend, and families that went out of their way to stay in touch and offer advice, assistance, and guidance – I am forever grateful. I cannot even begin to name names but I look forward to saying it in person over the next 2 weeks as we liquidate, close down and move out of the Vulcan location. I encourage all you good folks to come down and help us say goodbye!

Everything is for sale, starting this Friday the 13th at noon. If there was ever anything you may have wanted from The Roll Up, now is the time to get it at a great price. If you stop by you are going to get some great deals just in time for the holidays.

I am now selling off all bicycles, parts, infrastructure, decorations, and furnishings. For those that are eager, I am available at all hours to set up an appointment before the sale starts.

The Roll Up bike shop
The Roll Up will be changing its retails hours, to prepare for a huge holiday blowout this December. Saturday will be the last day of regular retails hours - after that, we will be closed until December 10th. Then it's on! HUGE DEALS ON USED AND NEW BIKES, PARTS AND ACCESSORIES!!!

Exciting news from The Roll Up!

The Roll Up has partnered up with Oakland SPOKES and will be working together under the same roof. 
This Blogger website will soon be  sending you to

The current location will remain open full time in order to continue serving our community with custom bicycle builds and a full service department.
As a result of this merger, we are expanding our current inventory and will now be able to carry new products from:

SE Bikes
Public Bikes

We are proud to remain the exclusive dealer of Huntington Beach Bicycle Company cruisers, Zycle Fix, and Cicli Rossetto.

We can special order just about anything you need and will always try to carry the essential gear you need for urban riding.

(We are also open to any ideas or suggestions for items you think we should carry, just let us know!)

We are very excited about the new realm of possibilities, and hope that you can help spread the word. Drop by, say hi to the new staff, and check out the new selection!q
Please note that our hours have changed. We are now open Tuesday through Saturday 12-6pm, closed Friday and Saturday. Our new phone number is (510) 995-6652

Best wishes,
Jefferson, and everyone at SPOKES @ The Rollup


We have changed up our hours to better serve our bicycle community.

12-6 PM Tues - Sat


Come by the Temescal Farmers market on Sundays and say hi while we provide free bicycle parking.

We are now the EXCLUSIVE Bay Area dealer for Huntington Beach Bicycle Company!

We are proud to announce that we are the EXCLUSIVE Bay Area dealer for Huntington Beach Bicycle Company! We met these guys at the Interbike conference in Las Vegas, and found their product and customer service to be unlike any other. These are well made, affordable cruisers that come with a great warranty and service guarantee. 

Come on by and take a test ride!

Great deal on gift certificates!

Gift certificates now available!!

Spend $14 for a $19 gift certificate - good for parts or labor. Buy 2 and get a free water bottle ($10 savings + $10 value) - 1 for yourself and 1 for a gift!

Pick the right light!

Serfas, one of our new vendors, has an amazing selection of lights to both be seen, and to see.

Click here for their online interactive chart

"Currently I am using the HL-1 head light, which flashes so bright I'm afraid of causing seizures!", says Jefferson.

Serfas lights have nifty designs for attaching to unconventional parts of your bike, and to your clothing or bags with extra-strong magnets. They are fairly priced starting at $15, o.t.d (out the door).

"Check in" at the Roll Up and get a reward!

Do you have Facebook on your phone or mobile device?

Next time you're at the Roll Up, "check in" with Facebook. Show the confirmation screen to us, and you get a reward. Easy as that!

This month, you will receive $10 off ANY labor. So that can be $10 off a tune-up, or 2 tires installed for free, or a brake adjust, or, or or, ANY ol' labor related issue.

Come check us out and check in!

The perfect gift!

Gift certificates are now available. You choose the amount, they choose how to use it. (Gift giving made easy)

Map of Bike Friendly Lanes - get yours now!

Now available in at The Roll Up:

Map 1: West of the Hills
feat. Western Alameda County and Western Contra Costa County

Learn how to plan a safe bike trip in our surrounding cities and towns.
Map 1: West of the Hills covers western Alameda and Contra Costa counties, including the Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, Hayward, and Fremont areas.

ONLY $10

Support the EBBC (East Bay Bicycle Coalition)

EBBC maps identify EVERY STREET and provide essential information for bicyclists:

* Recommended bike routes on streets and highways.
* Bike paths.
* Off-road trails.
* Parks, schools, shopping centers, business parks and other destination points.
* Warnings of potential hazards.
* Hills.
* Bike shops.
* Bicycle-friendly transit.
* Bridge access.
* Local government contacts.
* Safety tips and rules of the road.
* How to report hazardous conditions using EBBC's online form.
* Notes on local bicycle access issues.
* Bicycle clubs and organizations.

Restoration & Detail

The Roll Up offers restoration and detail services, including rust removal and cleaning of frame and components. Bring your dirty dusty rusty bike back from the dead!

custom bike build - schwinn "Sports Tourer"

Our friend Daymond picked out a 66cm Schwinn "Sports Tourer" to break down and rebuild as a fixed gear. We are all really happy with how its coming along.
Not only is it cheaper to build a "fixie" with the right parts at the right price, it is a great learning experience, one that is very important in making a bike yours and yours alone.
We switched out the bottom bracket for something a little more modern and serviceable, added some cranks and an appropriately sized chain-ring, and threw on some straight handlebars. Matching blue tires and chain was a nice touch! Now he just needs to finish stripping the old yellow paint and pick out a new color. Talk about custom!

Here are some before and after pics of the build in progress:

Thinking about building a bike on your own? Check out our current selection of steel frames:

Click Here

Rent The Roll Up

The Roll Up is available for rent. Great for bar mitzvahs, going away parties, or any excuse to get a bunch of your friends/associates together in one place. We provide the option for audio and visual greatness -- professional PA sound and a video projector, including club style lighting and dance floor strobe lights. All of this in one unique and funky environment, complete with dance floor, bar/lounge, and art on the walls.

contact us at for more info, including pricing and date availability.

Inntertube blowout! $5 tubes -- cheapest tubes in town!


Our 1st promotion of 2010

$5 innertubes

take advantage of our low overhead and get your tubes here


$5 install (also the cheapest in town)
See you soon!

Bike Joust at the Roll Up

One of our sponsored events is the Roll Up Bike Joust!!!

Next bike joust: Friday, October 28th, 2011

Here are some videos and flyers of previous jousts:

The Roll Up Bike Shop

Welcome to the The Roll Up bike shop! We are located in the Fruitvale district of East Oakland, and proud to bring something new to the bicycle industry. Unique location, inspiring decor, and positive attitudes make this bike shop stand out amongst the others.
With over 40 new and used bicycles on the sales floor, a full service repair department, and a plentitude of new parts & accessories, this is the place to come to get rolling in style!